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5. What would be your party favor? #TheHostPremiereParty  Silver eye contacts, to where at the party or every day after.

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Surprise your friends with these UV Electric Blue Contact Lenses that appear clear in regular light but bring your eyes to life as soon as you step into the club.

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They say that eyes are the window to the soul. Though a polymer clay figure lacks a soul , the eyes are a key point to a perfect doll.It& the first thing people will notice and you know what they say about first impressions. With this lens I plan.

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Some witch's eyes change color when they feel a certain emotion. It can be really hard to hide emotions because of this. Hazels eyes can turn any of these colors

Be the coolest kid at the rave with these glow in the dark contact lenses. Available in regular or prescription form, these trippy contact lenses will glow a neon green color when exposed to a black light, making them ideal for raves and Halloween parties.  Buy It  $28.95

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Special Effects Rave Green Contact Lenses are manufactured by Marietta Vision.Rave Green Contacts are green in color and glow in the dark under a black light. Rave black light contact lenses are avail

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194 years old. He had adjusted his style to look more modern. He died from consuming a lot of bad chemicals when he was He likes watching people, cats and the color pink.

Where can I get rainbow contact lenses for sale? What brand is the best? Should I pick prescription ones or nonprescription ones? Here's a review of rainbow eye colored contacts plus where to get these eye-wear accessories for your rainbow eye makeup.

Have you considered trying a rainbow eye makeup? Well, some rainbow contact lenses can really make y

Crazy eye color facts you need to know: colorfuleyes.org/contact-lenses/eye-colors/

Not sure what to do with the makeup you have? Wondering whether you've already got your perfect makeup style for you?

Beautiful eyes and makeup!

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I love how its ptv when it's Mexican food // this belongs on 3 boards. music, because ptv. food, because burritos. and photography, because eye. i think i'll put it on food just to confuse people as to why there's an eye on my food board.