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shelby @ ny models (via the absolute PHOTOGRAPHY blog…)

Head in the clouds by ~Wings-of-dust Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Surreal ©2008-2012 ~Wings-of-dust This is an entry for =Flynn-the-cat's Flight contest

Matt Wisniewski is an #inspiring collage #artist fusing #portraits with various elements of nature

jellyfishhappiness: temptingly beautiful yet it stings when you get too close. ᎻᎪᏤᎬ Ꭺ ᏁᎥᏟᎬ ᎠᎪᎩ by Jennis Li Cheng Tien.

pilar zeta, art, design, gallery, faces, stars, planets, heads, Falling in love with the dark side of the universe

Playbuzzfrom Playbuzz

Choose A Tree And See What It Reveals About You

The mind’s subjugation of the body can be another ploy of the ego to keep us divided against the Self! Ego thrives on oppositions, so defeat of oppositions is the true letting go of ego.-David Richo, P.h.D

"Beneath the social mask we wear every day,we have a hidden shadow side:an impulsive,wounded,sad,or isolated part that we generally try to ignore.The Shadow can be a source of emotional richness & vitality,& acknowledging it can be a pathway to healing & an authentic life.We meet our dark side,accept it for what it is,& we learn to use its powerful energies in productive ways.-"Romancing the Shadow," by Connie Zwieg, PhD.,& Steve Wolf, PhD.

Character Profile: Keeva - lightning devvi *** Three Rivers Deep (book series) "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self discovery..." #power #elemental #storm #thunder #nature -- dark cloud

Honestly WTFfrom Honestly WTF

Dust In The Wind

head in the clouds

#street #art #nuclear #bomb #tree ”There is a thin line between life and death” by Muhamed Bašić in Bosnia.