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My fave Beatles tune. Across the Universe & Eleanor Rigby are a very close 2nd. OH and BECAUSE! And Hey Jude! But seriously, how can one choose?! F it. I just love The Beatles period

How can you look at this and not start singing? This would be fun in the blue/grey kitchen.

It's just a Matter of FREEDOM for ALL!...Not just the Greedy 1%!...

Government is about and for THE PEOPLE! A Revolution is what follows a protest then resistance; when government refuses to listen to its' people.

Stop War ! | Anonymous ART of Revolution - War Is Bad For Children And Other Living Things!

you say you want a revolution (lounge)?

"I have learned that I will not change the world. Jesus will do that. I can, however, change the world for one person. So I keep stopping and loving one person at a time. Because this is my call as a Christian." Katie Davis

Truth Revolution - V for Vendetta Stretched Canvas. Click the image to buy this and other great products...

We are the awakening. Humanity is waking from the long sleep. You have your whole life ahead of you. Live it honestly and fully.