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  • Margo

    Weed killer - I've had moderate results with white vinegar, should give this a try. 4 C. Apple Cider Vinegar 1 t. Dish Soap (not Dawn) Mixed in a spray bottle. Add soap, then vinegar. Don't shake (BUBBLES) best when applied on a warm or hoy sunny day.

  • Roxcy

    Camp Wander: Can Vinegar Really Kill Weeds? 4 C. Apple Cider Vinegar 1 t. Dish Soap (not Dawn) Mix in bottle Don't shake! -Bubbles

  • Sara Lewis

    vinger killing weeds.. hmmm def gonna try on garden and flower beds

  • Michelle Lupomech

    I hope that this site willh elp me ill the weeds outside of our walkway. When the weed barely touches your skin it causes a horrible burning sensation. Need to rid my yard of these painful weeds!!

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Uses for White vinegar weed killer (spray generously on all parts of weeds, works best for weeds that get sunlight) dishwasher additive (put in place of spot remover liquid) Glass Cleaner (combined with a few drops of Dawn) Fabric Softener (6:3:2 hot water:vinegar:hair conditioner, mix water and conditioner first then add vinegar)

homemade weed killer. Simple to make, no harsh chemicals, and will cost less then you will pay in the store for something similar. Mix 1/2 gallon of Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/4 c table salt and 1/2 tsp Dawn liquid dish soap and pour into a spray bottle. Then just spray weeds thoroughly.

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Natural weed killer::2c white vinegar 1T dish soap 1T. salt. Blend and pour into a spray bottle. Will kill anything! (Easily gets rid of all those weeds growing in the cracks and seams of the driveway.)

DIY Weed Killer......and lots of other cleaning uses for vinegar. Love this stuff!

"Spray your weeds with diluted vinegar...not only will it kill them, but the plants and soil love it. Read how here, and see the before and after pictures. I just learned about this in my winter gardening class the other day and the teacher has done it for years."

Kill weeds - thought I pinned this last year, definitely trying this year.

This is a guide about homemade weed killer recipes. Avoid using harmful chemicals by making you own weed killer.

Weed killer: 1 gallon vinegar, 2 cups epsom salt, 1/4 cup dish soap

  • Maggie Haren

    If tis makes the soil unplantable,then it is doing it's job. I don't ever want the weeds to come back where I use it. Between sidewalks, around the mailbox post, etc.

  • Perry Henry

    Using salt is a terrible idea. The run off will kill plants on the edge of the driveway or walkway.

  • Teresa Salmon

    sounds grest to want the weeds dead and to stay away. and we have nothing on edge of our drieway but grass so as far over as it kills...that will be the driveway!

  • Colette Inomata

    It really worked, but it ruined my sprayer.

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Here is a way to help kill those weeds naturally!! #weeds www.pennypinchinm...

  • Cristina Bourgaize

    Just what I was looking for as I have a dog and don't want him to get ill with chemicals.

A quick and simple DIY weed killing solution that really works!

Please do not use "Round up" or at least read about all the terrible stuff it does to our people and environment before deciding to do so. Try this instead. Thanks. vinegar weed killer

An all-natural weed killing solution that works on just about anything. You've got to try this one!