Lime Crime Carousel Lipgloss - Candy Apple Red (the most perfect red you can find)! ~ This is a lovely color!

Candy Apple Glitter Carousel Lip Gloss from Lime Crime!   See more here  #limecrime #Beserk #Lipgloss #makeup #Cosmetics

I've been haunted by this Candy Apple Carousel Lip Gloss from Limecrime for years!

#Mikyajy @Mikyajy MakeUp  ♥ Pink レ O √ 乇 ♥

Try painting your lips with a hot pink long lasting lip color (like the one from Revlon you can get at the drugstore) and go over it with Vaseline using a lip brush. And you can add some gloss

Rosso ciliegia

A swipe of red lip color can make any woman look instantly glamorous and sexy. Red lip color has long been associated with confidence, bold.

Perfect Pouty Red.

suicideblonde: “ Lindsey Wixson photographed by Terry Richardson ”