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Philosoraptor: "If a redhead works in a bakery does that make him a ginger bread man?"



Actually living rooms are related to death. Before there were commercial funeral homes you would hold wakes in the deceased's home... in the parlor. Hence funeral parlors. After death was moved out of the home, houses no longer had parlors, but living rooms.

This is what Brody thinks! lol he loves ketchup! He calls it dip dip :)

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Fabulous Room Friday 06.28.13 (La Dolce Vita)

"..people will never forget how you made them feel." ― Maya Angelou

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Just For Fun

Yeah, it makes you think how STUPID can a person be? Who does that? Puts a dog on the roof of his car? Who, tell me. I'll tell you, a guy who wants to be President of the United States. You vote for him, don't say you had no idea he was an idiot.Biddy Craft

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Best of nerd corrections (aka Dwight Schrute)

Best of nerd corrections


People Are Like Slinkies

This is only funny because I often fear I am going to forget what I am doing while going down stairs... and fall down stairs...