The Tennant bird has been found! I seriously couldn't stop laughing.


♥7 out of 9 perfect men here - Benedict Cumberbatch, John Barrowman, Matt Smith, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Pine, Andrew Scott and David Tennant - No offence to the other 2 but I don't know them♥

David Tennant haha!

David Tennant

And this is horrifying but you want it anyway. | 34 Amazing Crossovers You Wish Were Real

As much as I love Matt Smith he could never steal me from tennant...

Greatest bookmark...ever. I don't know where to pin this... Reading Goodness or I <3<3 Doctor Who... ?

"I love David Tennant because he runs very fast." My whole life. Keep in mind that she's David Tennant's daughter! She likes 10 more for his running then for the fact that he's her father.

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The time when the doctor quoted the Lion King was when I knew that David was going to be a great Doctor.

What David Tennant said on the tape that Martha fast forwarded. The Doctor is the best

*makes face above^^* me when someone says Doctor Who. today a girl behind me in maths said "ugh I'm so shaky from the cold, my handwriting's gone all wibbly- wobbly" and i just turned around and said "timey-wimey?' really nervously because she's really pretty and i want to be friends with her and stuff and she looks at me and goes "bingle boggle dingle dangle, yickedy do, yickedy da, ping pong, lippy tappy too ta" while laughing. it was awesome

David Tennant


John Barrowman sings Doctor Who theme, love how David Tennant is backup automatically

I know David, I know. I pity them too.

Doctor Who. David Tennant.

Doctor Who Headcanon: Tardis Manual. I so accept this. .... that last sentence tho

Doctor Who Necklace 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver by BrooklynYards

Ummm, this is just about the cutest thing