Instead of "just married"...

<3 ah can't wait

My Other Dream Job, i love weddings if i could be a professional wedding planner that would make my life


If you thought you didn’t want a cake topper these will change your mind! www.betteroffwed.co

that'd be fun!

watch my children get married

Good excuse to wear the wedding dress again...take pictures with your married girlfriends once you're all married.

Bucket list: graduate from college with a 4.0 GPA... I maintain an overall 4.0 GPA while balancing involvement and a social life. I know what it takes to be committed, hard-working and passionate about public relations.

10 Wedding Shots You Don’t Know To Ask Your Photographer For–But Absolutely Must.

Will Happen.....again.


Before I Die...

would love to

bucket list bucket list!!

bucket list bucket list

#bucketlist... That would feel so good if I actually did!:) Just to think how many People and Children this would help!!! My ultimate thing to do before I die...them poor people you are always in my prayers

bucket list: have my parents there the day i get married


hopefully this year...if i can find some...