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There's nothing better than a well dressed man-I'm still mad at Miami 'vice for making men think women think the scruffy look is sexy. Men you look like bums!

The True Definition Of A Successful Man

The True Definition Of A Successful Man

The True Definition Of A Successful Man - success is living on your terms, fulfilled in creating the life that makes you happy. Success is not measured by money or wealth. I'd rather have love, happiness and time over possessions.

So true! Most money I can obtain is transferred into shoes. I enjoy shoes.

Happy Birthday to Sarah Jessica Parker. In light of a style icons birthday, I thought I would share my Carrie Bradshaw favorites today. Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) and Patricia Field.

+1: Clothes don’t make the man.

clothes dont make the man, but they can make the man look great, words, quotes. Donate your work clothes and help someone homeless get an interview, it has to start somewhere.


Your children should always be your top priority. Your responsible for their childhood. Not dating and finding a man! kids come first!

pull it together

Bill Giyaman posted elizabeth taylor {pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together} to their -inspiring quotes and sayings- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

I shall live by these words. Food for thought.

About being well dressed at the office. Yes Gentlemen, it does matter. so dress up.

Yes please!

I had manners. I was fairly attractive. I was funny. My life fell apart when I was diagnosed with stupid fucking breast cancer. I don't give a fuck if I have manners, my looks were destroyed. I lost my sense of humor.

Nice one

Fashion Style Quote - Wear Fabulous Underwear for a Confidence Boost - Need a Mental Confidence Boost? Enjoy Professional Custom Hypnotherapy at the link

Lady & a Gentleman.. Makes sense

"I often wonder if more girls were willing to be ladies would more guys feel challenged to be gentlemen?It may also be true that if more guys were willing to be gentlemen, then girls would feel challenged to be ladies.

.let's just add some gender neutral pronouns here and voila

The True Gentleman by John Walter Wayland. And i shall live my life this way. Love it, however old fashioned i sometime seem.

Don't know if I agree with the tie statement in #10, but then again I really like ties.

Rules of a Gentleman. This is how I will continue to raise my Son, as a Gentleman!