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Pixy Stix

Pixy Stix - Pretty much PURE SUGAR that one would open up and pour straight into the mouth and swallow.

Trick or treat

The Wowee Whistle. These came out around Halloween each year. They were made of wax, similar to the wax candy lips. You blew on the whistle until you got tired then you chewed up the wax. Quite tasty.

SRA Reading Lab 1960's

SRA reading Mastery was a reading program developed in stands for Science Research Associates. A type of coding was used to help kids understand the rules of reading. We worked independently and by our own reading levels. I loved it.

Click Clacks, later recalled because some of them shattered when hit too hard.

who's bright idea was THIS toy? made of glass so we all took a chance on loosing an eye if it got to close to us. ell, I was never hurt by this or any other toy in childhood.


Morris the Cat was the nonchalant "spokesman" for Nine Lives cat food. The first Morris died in 1978 and was replaced by more cats who played "Morris." All cats to play Morris have been rescues, either coming from an animal shelter or a cat rescue.

A vending machine made in 1952.  Minnesota Historical Society

40+ Vending Machines Full Of The Most Awesome (And Terrifying) Things

Vintage 1952 candy vending machine at the Minnesota Historical Society

Loved these

Just Born - Mike and Ike - Cherri and Bubb - retro candy box - Fall 2012

Who Remembers These?

Modern Antiques That Today’s Kids Probably Have Never Used

Remember typewriter erasers ~ I used them in high school typing class.