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    I think this says it all :D "Do small things with Great love"


    find joy in the ordinary


    Love this font

    Kenny Chesney

    whatever will be will be

    Work Smarter Not Harder

    On your life.. You allowed to pay attention shittt... But I know y'all can multitask keep pursuing your wicked life that you are looking to make it so wickeddddd..

    This is the best. I tell him all the time his scent is like coming home. I remember the time we had to be away from him for awhile, and I took his scent with me in a folded paper towel. The kids & I would smell it every night as a way to feel like daddy was saying goodnight.

    ∙♢∘❀ ❝ʝɛ ɬ'aimɛ❞ ❀∘♢∙

    Work Hard and Be Nice Print

    ❥ I did and you know what it works you put all your effort into what it is that you wished for patience is important and keep loving yourself and working on yourself even after that is more important xxx

    I know 'all you need is love'. So now we have 'all you need is less'. Why not? It's true!

    always be lovely #quote



    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC