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There is no X in Espresso

Biggest pet peeve working at a coffee shop! It's eSpresso not eXpresso!

Double-shot of espresso, topped with whipped cream and caramel.

Known as "Espresso con panna" double shot of espresso with whipped cream and caramel on top. one of my all time favorite drinks!

Infographic: A Beautiful Cheat Sheet For Two Dozen Espresso-Based Drinks | Co.Design | business + design

Infographic: A Beautiful Cheat Sheet For Two Dozen Espresso-Based Drinks

Quite a dark, rich #coffee infographic - *$ Espresso Guide Typography Mural by Jaymie McAmmond

Starbucks Espresso Guide Typographic Mural by Jaymie McAmmond Come to discover your new starbucks coffee in Clarendon Rd at Holiday Inn !

Mmmmmmm ...

How to Make a White Chocolate Mocha. A white chocolate mocha is another version of a standard mocha. With a kick of espresso, you get the hearty taste of white chocolate in your cup. Here is a recipe for a white chocolate mocha.

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Coffee Tips: Drink Your Best Cup. Do you enjoy that morning cup of joe? Coffee in the morning is a ritual for many people. Do you purchase the same brand of coffee because you are too busy


Caffè Italiano-Reminds me of the cappuccino bar, that I "hit" every morning on the way to work, when I lived in Florence, Italy.

coffee time

From the book: The world reduced to infographics : from Hollywood's life lessons and doomed cities of the U. to sociopathic cats and what your drink order says about you by Casey + Miller

Can't drink enough java.

Coffeeology: Espresso yourself . Better latte Than Never . Take life one cup at a time . So many blends, so little time. Friends don't let friends drink bad coffee . Take time to smell the coffee . Deja Brew: the feeling you've had this coffee before.

Cheat sheet for wanna be Baristas :)

espresso is not a bean, it's the way COFFEE is prepared. know the different types of espresso :)