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Free slope poster

S'mores Food Fun with Math Packet allows you to give your kids a treat and some math problems. This packet includes 5 pages of activities (a decorated and plain version are included) to use with a s'mores food mix and answer keys for page 2 and 3. The activities can be completed individually, in pairs, or in small groups. You can set these up as stations, use whole class, or use for early finishers. This is a great math activity for the end of the year! $ gr 5-8

Infinite Worksheets: In and Out Boxes is software which allows you to browse a catalog of 50 addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and algebra in/out worksheets, customize the title and borders, and print both student copies and answer sheets. Worksheets can be saved as JPEG files to be displayed on SmartBoards or incorporated into lessons for resale. All worksheets are randomized so every time one is selected all the problems will be different. Print in under 2 minutes! (PC & Mac) ($)

Tired of searching Google Images for free addition worksheets that are worth what you pay for them? Do you find those yearly subscription services are overpriced? Infinite Worksheets: Addition is the solution for you! This PC/Mac software gives you access to 162 unique addition worksheets: Speed Drills (10), Computation (33), Picture Addition (24), In/Out Boxes (12), US & Canada Currency (10), Telling Time (18), Fractions (7), Skip Counting (20), Inequalities (14) and Decimals & Money (14) ($)

Tired of searching Google Images for free subtraction worksheets that are worth what you pay for them? Do you find those yearly subscription services are overpriced? Infinite Worksheets: Subtraction is the solution for you! This PC/Mac software gives you access to 134 unique subtraction worksheets: Speed Drills(10), Computation(10), Picture Addition(23), In/Out Boxes(12), US & Canada Currency(10), Telling Time(18), Fractions(3), Skip Counting(20), Inequalities(14) and Decimals & Money(14) ($)

In the game, students will use a sharp pencil tip and paperclip to spin 2 spinners that each have 5 expressions printed on them. Students build equations from the expressions (a total of 25 unique equations) and solve their equations. Once solved, students find their solutions on their bingo cards. Whichever student in the group is first to get 5 solutions in a row wins!

Rates and Percents Stations! Get your students out of their desks and up and moving by disguising a worksheet as stations! Students will move around the room solving twenty questions about ratios, unit rates, finding percents of numbers, discounts, and sale prices. Directions for suggested use, 21 station cards, student answer sheet, and answer key provided. Five anchor activities related to the topic are included on the 21st station card for early finishers who need a challenge.

Circles Bundle: Find inscribed angle measures, work with arcs, tangents, secants, & inscribed figures. Save 20% with this purchase! Check it out at the TpT store Piece of Pi.

Start your math students off right...and give them ownership of their learning, progress, and organization! I've revamped these tools over the years, and now they're ready to share with you. These resources would be great for grade 5-12 math students. The photos of student samples were part of my Master Teacher evidence, and I was so happy to reach Master Teacher status in the state of Ohio. For evaluations, my principal was impressed with my students' tracking their own progress.

$ Welcome to your Transformation Destination! This bundle includes all of my transformation practice/common core spiraling activities and also my favorite cooperative activity for differentiation. You will actually get a practice set for free with this purchase, rather then buying them all separately. 13 of the 8th Grade Common Core Standards are included...great test prep!

FREE INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK RESOURCES: This blog has a tab specifically for interactive notebook resources, freebies, blog posts, videos, and products!

Number Writing Grids For Kindergarten and 1st Grade. 112 Number Grids. Writing to 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 120 with Seasonal and Generic Clip Art for Year Round Practice. Children always need to practice their number writing. Here are 112 grids for year round practice. Annie Jewell

ENTIRE YEAR of daily warm ups for middle school math! Each day, students solve four problems, reviewing a skill.

Get the students immersed in learning about perimeter and area. This bundle has everything you’ll need to get started: A PowerPoint to teach Perimeter and Area; a center for independent practice; and a game for fun.

ALL ABOUT Numbers 21-40 + Assessment is designed to cover all topics in numbers 21-40.This packet includes 20 practice worksheets,3 assessment worksheets and answer key.

DATA | RTI | Data Collection Binder | IEP | Goal Setting Binder DATA/ RTI Tracking Notebook {29 Pages} can be a GREAT addition to any and all that your school/campus has in use to help support the needs of your students.

3rd Grade Morning Work for the entire year covers all CCSS math standards, in monthly packs!

Rounding Decimals ZAP is a fun and engaging game where students try to hold on to their strips and not get ZAPPED. The game contains 20 cards with rounding decimals (round from tens to thousandths place), 4 ZAP cards, directions, a label for your container, an answer key, and an exit ticket. $ gr 4-7

Numbers 0-10 Activity!

Review math vocabulary while you model inference and using key details. 20 math vocabulary riddles, board game, and writing activity. $ www.teacherspayte...

Teaching Multiplication FREEBIE!!!

6th grade math: 20 problems in four formative mini-assessments that cover: finding the distance between two points on a coordinate plane and solving real world problems on a coordinate plane. Two versions of the same topic allow you to give a pre-test and a post-test if you want to!

Math Games - This Connect 4 packet is a fun way for students to revise concepts in numbers up to 20. The packet includes: 6 games, set of numbers from zero to twenty, teacher instructions & preparation, variations to the game and a checklist to monitor student’s progress in number. The games can be printed in colour or black and white and laminated for regular use in your classroom. These games are a fun and easy to understand and are targeted for students from Kinder (Prep) to year 2 dependin

8 free morning work pages!! Numbers, money, and word problems included!