@brianna brewer let's try it! How To Dip Dye Your Hair With Kool-Aid - Find unsweetened packets (better so your hair isn't sticky). For every packet you use add one cup of water and boil it in a saucepan. Once boiling, pour the mixture into a heat proof cup or bowl. Dip the hair you want to streak or dip dye into the cup and leave it in there for five minutes (yes head over a bowl is annoying). When you remove it hold paper towel on the hair until it is dry enough that it doesn't drip. That...

If you've ever wondered how to dye hair with kool-aid then here are the instructions! It's so easy!

Kool-Aid Lip Stain

Kool-Aid Hair Dye

"How to: Dip Dye your hair using Kool Aid!" by thetipcastle on Polyvore

Using Kool Aid for hair dye

Heres how to remove a kool aid dip dye job: Boil 2-3 cups if water. When it starts boiling add 1/2 cup of baking soda. Let cool for a few minutes and dip hair in. The water should slowly begin to look the color of the dye. Once the color is out, shampoo and condition hair thoroughly. Note that the hair is very tangly and dry so condition a few times.

3 Ways to Dye Hair With Kool Aid

how to dye hair with kool aid

I might hang something like these up but in lavender not pink

For the girls....How to Dip Dye Your Hair with Kool-Aid

How to Dip Dye Hair with Kool Aid Wanna help me do this Tuesday? @britlarocque I don't know what Kool Aid is but if you do, this is helpful!

How to Dip Dye Your Hair with Kool-Aid - Tips from a Typical Mom

Kool Aid Hair Dye: How to Color Your Hair Cheaply and Effectively

Or you can opt for a delicate white-lavender dip dye. | 35 Low-Key Ways To Add Color To Your Hair

Twist & blow dry

For shorter hair, twist the lock of hair up and heat the rolled hair with a flat iron.

Some women like to wear long hair but they don’t know how to take advantage of their pretty locks and add charm to their looks. Some may find it difficult to make a stylish long hairstyle, especially for the long thick hair. In fact, long tress can be really versatile and there are more ways[Read the Rest]


Make "sticky" bobby pins