The cap says

Nick Fury

Captain America

Captain America

I SAY THIS ALL THE TIME. you have to stay. They always put something. Always

The Avengers #geekchic

Captain America - The Avengers | Best quote in the whole movie!! :) that and when Hulk calls Loke a "puny god'

Avengers Humor ~~ Well, the orca eats both sharks and tuna. The shark eats tuna, but fights with orcas. What a trio...

Cap and Thor have much to learn

Avengers Assemble

true. so true


Best quote from a superhero movie ever! (Not including anything said in the final 10 mins of Dark knight Rises)

Captain America by ~alijameel on deviantART


"Whatever happens tomorrow, you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier, but a good man." - Dr. Erskine

Captain America Quote that fits our times so well. Gave me chills


Captain America

The Avengers

Young Avengers #Avengers