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Ancient Rome Unit Projects

This is a set of 78 CVC Flash Cards on purple backgrounds.

All you need is 6 Styrofoam cups, 1 permanent marker, and the activity sheet for this deceptively challenging ordering integers task. It is a great station activity that will engage students. Students will be required to stack the cups based on the integers in columns on the cups.

FREE Character Trait of the Week - Try out two FREE weeks of character study. This sample includes two FREE posters and corresponding printables for gratitude and greed. This FREE product comes from a year long character traits product that can also be found in my store, Kirsten Tulsian.

Welcome Back to the second round of Teacher Wisdom. This month we are sharing our teacher wisdom on Classroom Management. I am focusing on parent communication. It's always important to start the new school year with strong parent communication. In this post read about something NEW, something OLD, something BORROWED and something TRUE. I've also added something FREE. Come check it out!

Five Minutes to Fluency: Level 1.1 is a research-based program that is easy to fit into every busy school day. Five minutes, from start to finish, as students peer read one-minute -- word sets, strategically worded passages and stories, partner review and then provide instant feedback.

Spice up your poetry unit by hosting a Poetry Slam. Students will love engaging with poetry in this new way! This freebie includes a classroom-tested timeline, links to examples, and a worksheet to get your students analyzing.

FREEBIE!! Alphabet Posters includes 33 alphabet posters to display in your classroom!

FREE! A ready-to-use K-W-L (Know, Want-to-Know, What You Learned) Chart. Use to activate prior knowledge, preview a book, start a class discussion www.teacherspayte...

This is a FREE 150 slide Eocology PowerPoint Quiz Game about Food Chains, Feeding Levels, Herbivores, Carnivores, Decomposers, Biomass Pyramids, and animal dentition. Answers and worksheet are provided. -Enjoy!

What a wonderful world persuasion is! In this FREE lesson, students will get familiar with Aristotle's three rhetorical appeals for persuasion- Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. With an informational activity sheet, along with a *Sell Me This Pen* worksheet, students will find current examples of an ancient concept in modern commercials, as well as state their own case by selling an item they carry with them every day!

FREE classroom poster to remind us to be kind. Whimsy Workshop Teaching

Subbing Sounds FREEBIE Substitute Sounds in CVC Words to

Quick and easy No-Prep Math Game to use with any grade level. Perfect if you have 10 minutes to spare - you only need paper and crayons to review any skill! Whimsy Workshop Teaching Ideas

FREEBIES - Fun Games 4 Learning: More NO PREP Math Games - Print and Play games for multiplication and division

10 Ocean Activities for Summer Fun with Kids

Then and Now Unit!!!

Build a LEGO Garden, a preschool math activity for ages 3-5

#FREE! Thank you for being my #ReadingBuddy print and go card for end of the year!

A Customer Appreciation FREEBIE - A social story to help children learn positive classroom behaviors . #classroom #ideas

This is a set of money posters that can be displayed in your classroom to help your students learn money. These posters are a perfect addition to your math wall. The file includes a poster for penny, nickel, dime and quarter.

FREE Figurative Language Poster Set! FREE posters include Alliteration, Hyperboles, Idioms, Proverbs and Adages, Personification, Onomatopoeia, and Similes and Metaphors. Each poster has a brief description of the figure of speech as well as an example. This is a sister product to my figurative language bundle. The bundled products are common core aligned and all include instructional pages as well as task cards and printables. ENJOY THIS FREE POSTER SET!