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7 Day Cleanse = lose 10-17 pounds. This is an amazing 7 day meal plan/guide to lose pounds and totally cleanse your body.

GM's Cleansing your body. 7 days = lose about 10 - 17 pounds. GM's Cleansing your body. 7 days = lose about 10 - 17 pounds. GM's Cleansing your body. 7 days = lose about 10 - 17 pounds.

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Fat Burning Foods

NEGATIVE CALORIE FOOD LIST - Foods that take more calories to eat/digest than they have in them. I love negative calorie foods, but I didn't know some of these fell into this category!

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week of the wedding? The Military Diet.In three days you should lose up to 10 pounds. After three days of dieting, you can eat your normal foods, but do not over do it. After four days of normal eating, you may start back on the 3 day diet again.

Do this routine before every shower: 50 jumping jacks, 5 pushups, 20 crunches, 20 mountain climbers, 30 second plank and 7 burpees (you can also YouTube these exercises for reference).

50 Rules Of Fat-Burning: list of 50 things to eat, drink and when trying to maximize fat burning.

Evening primrose oil benefits..Great for skin and hair and just great overall for women. ♡Nneka

Homemade italian cream sodas

Every woman should be taking --> Evening Primrose Oil. Will see major improvement in skin tightening and preventing wrinkles. Helps with hormonal acne, PMS, weight control, chronic headaches, menopause ect.

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology: massage the part of your foot corresponding to the part of your body hurting & it will slowly reduce pain. (promotes blood circulation to that part of the body-Learned this in cosmetology school,Helps get rid of headaches& cramps )

30 Day Challenge. Start this 30 days   before spring break, so maybe 2 weeks into February?

Day 1 Week 1 of The 30 Day Challenge: Fit Test ! Workout

Cranberry Fat Flush~ Recipe: 1 cup of unsweetened cranberry juice + 2 TBSP of ground flax seed + water to fill a 1-liter bottle  Drink everyday for a week. Make sure to shake drink with every sip.

The Cranberry Fat Flush. to lose the last pounds. Rebecca Romijn Flushes - Well, let's get to flushing! :D The recipe is: 1 cup unsweetened cranberry juice + 2 TBSP of ground flaxseed + water to fill a 1 liter bottle.

Shaun T's 15 Min. Miracle Workout w/ Dr. Oz. One word: INSANE! No equipment needed. No excuses, we all have 15 minutes to spare! I just did this and I'm sweating like crazy!

A pinner wrote:I just tried it and I am dripping sweat! Everyone has 15 minutes! Another pinner said: "I did it for 30 days and lost & toned before vacation. Now I'm doing another 30 days." 15 Min and 30 Days = Easy increments! Shaun T’s Miracle Workout