Learn Addition with Regrouping using Number Bonds Concept. Master Near-10 and Near-100 addition strategies help children to do mental calculation with speed and accuracy.

Topics: Learn Addition using Number Bonds. Children learn and do addition using number bonds. Kids get familiar of number bonds association. Build...

Number Bond Worksheets Bundle Pack to improve mental arithmetic calculation, learn effective and fast mental calculation using addition and subtraction strategies. Learn word problem solving skills by visualization.

Addition Strategy Mat! Great idea :) also great for BUILD!

Practice Number Bonds up to 10. Identify part of numbers to form a whole. Total of 32 number bonds to solve. Lay a strong foundation for kids with math fact practice. You can also use number bonds to solve word story problems with these worksheets: - Addition Word Story Problems using Number Bonds - Subtraction Word Story Problems using Number Bonds Based on Singapore Math curriculum.

Teach kids to improve mental calculation. Subtraction strategy using Difference Bond and Near 100-Subtraend method.

Use this recording tool to help your students review math skills based on the number of the day {Freebie}

Subtraction Math Worksheets for 1st and 2nd Grade. Based on Singapore Math curriculum. Children learn to solve word problems using subtraction math concept; including number bonds and model method.

Solving Word Problems using Fraction Concept. The two fraction concepts covered are - fraction is part of a whole and comparing fraction. Story word problems reflect real life encounter. Children learn to apply fraction in daily life. Pictorial aids are provided to guide children along.

Balancing Equations Cut & Paste worksheets -- such a fun way to introduce, practice, and review balancing equations!

Here's a set of number organizers that show multiples of each number inside the number outline. These might be interesting pieces in student notebooks.

Great math station to practice tallying. Choose a monster card, write the number and draw the tally. FREEBIE

Number Review Book FREE

Number Writing Practice 1-30

Hundreds Chart Activities FREEBIES

NEW: The Parts of a Listener... Free


This resource includes over 60 pages of adding and subtracting integers worksheets, games, station templates, number lines and a quick quiz, as wel...

Children learn to compare and arrange order of like and unlike fractions with visual model. Kids learn to identify: - Smallest or greatest fraction from a set of three fractions with same denominator but different numerator - Smallest or greatest fraction from a set of three fractions with same numerator but different denominator

Addition with Regrouping Graphic Organizer - Freebie