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from Teachers Pay Teachers

Inventors and Scientists No-Prep Unit

This unit is perfect for introducing scientists and inventors to your students! This unit gives key information on those listed below and contains several activities designed to reinforce and assess students' knowledge of these scientists and inventors.This unit contains:Fact Cards for the following:oAlexander Graham BelloRachel CarsonoGeorge Washington CarveroJames Watson and Francis CrickoMarie CurieoLeonardo da VincioThomas EdisonoAlbert EinsteinoBenjamin FranklinoGalileo GalileioJane ...

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Texas Symbols BUNDLE

This is a great BUNDLE for introducing or reviewing the symbols of Texas. The complete unit contains:Symbols of Texas Fact CardsPocket for Fact CardsSymbols of Texas MatchState Flag and Seal of Texas ActivitySymbols of Texas SortSymbols of Texas and USA SortSymbols of Texas Dominoes (2 Sets)The presentation contains a slide for each symbol in the unit.Alone, the unit can be found at:Texas Symbols Unit - No Prep Alone the presentation can be found at:Texas Symbols Presentation

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Scientific Method, Inquiry and Experiment Design

Huge 6th grade science unit for teaching students how the scientific process works. Lessons can be taught as a unit, or throughout the year to reinforce experimental design skills. $

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3D Shapes and Solid Figures

This unit contains all that you need to teach your students about Polygons. It provides multiple activities as well as assessments. Common Core and TEKS aligned! This unit contains: -Foldable Activity for 3D Shapes (Can be used in interactive notebooks)-I

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African American Inventors BUNDLE * Black History Month

What a great way to teach students about African American inventors! This BUNDLE contains a complete unit with an accompanying presentation. The unit contains: Fact Cards for:o Patricia Batho Benjamin Bannekero Sarah Booneo Marie Browno George Washington Carvero George Crumo Mark Deano Charles Drewo Philip Emeagwalio Sarah E.Goodeo Lonnie G.

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Telling Time with Ninjas (to the hour, half hour, and 5 minutes)

This ninja themed time unit contains numerous practice games, activities, and worksheets to help your students learn to tell time to the hour, half hour, quarter to, quarter after, and to the 5 minutes. This unit also contains lots of formative and summative assessment methods including math journal templates and an end of unit quiz. Also included is a cute ninja certificate of completion. All answer keys are included.