Winner of $500.00 for Most Humorous Quilt Sponsored by Leo9 Textiles Entered by Nancy C Arseneault (Tucson, AZ) Made by Nancy C Arseneault Quilted by Nancy C Arseneault Started in 2010, Finished in 2011 Design basis: Original Design Artist statement: The Mexican celebration Dia De Los Muertos has inspired many whimsical folk art images of calaveras involved in their favorite pastimes. These dear departed ladies are enjoying a day of pampering. Later they'll do lunch.

Dia de Los muertos

Dia de los Muertos Custom Made Day of the by calaverasYcorazones

dia de los muertos sugar skull

Sues El Dia de los Muertos quilt by the-randomcrafter, via Flickr

Dia De Los Muertos Painting

Dia de los Muertos

celebrate dia de los muertos in Mexico

sugar skull canvas dia de los muertos

Nancy Arseneault's Dia de los Muertos series... this is Swan Lake de los Muertos

Dia de los muertos doxies

MARIACHI DE LOS MUERTOS by Nancy Arseneault...first in the series begun in 2006

Ewww, ahhh! Love this one!

Romancing the Star by Nancy Arseneault. Traditional feathered Lone Star with applique background...part original, part from a pattern by Piece O Cake

Quilting Bee de los Muertos by Nancy Arseneault

Detail: Beauty Parlor de los Muertos by Nancy Arseneault

Jon Stucky, 9x Guardian Stucky Outsider Folk Art "Quilt" 21x25" heavily embellished

Time to Do It! by Nancy Arseneault. Made from Karen K. Stone's pattern Indian Orange Peel. I doubled the border & left corners round.

American Gothic de los of a series by Nancy Arseneault

Detail: Swan Lake de los Muertos by Nancy Arseneault

Felt wallflowers--each one different, each one unique