where in the world can you find such clear water? beautiful!

..Really bad!

Real world connection: this shows a person in clear water and it relates to baptism because it is being freed of original sin, so you can relax. This shows relaxation and the clarity that comes from baptism as it opens you to your faith.

Fern Forest, Jamaica

glitter on girls

Cyclades, Greece

Beautiful Bokeh from the sun's reflection...

is this heaven ?

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the ocean

This picture is taken on One House Bay in Greece. The water is so clear that the boat seems to be floating in the air.

Sagrado Cenote Azul, Cancun.


Largest Swimming Pool in the World. Algarrobo, Chile. It covers 20 acres!! Swimming with no worries about sea creatures, LOVE it.

Bohemian Paradise #sunshine #vacation #relaxation @brettadamwilson brettadamwilson

A Life Less Ordinary


The pristine universe under the sea. Too be admired while listening to Deep Blue Sea by Brian Eno. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21-Mcd0byo0

horseback riding in the ocean