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    Another article I wrote...... Why You Should Choose a Vizsla Over Any Other Dog Breed

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    Hungarian Vizsla


    The 5 most expensive dog breeds in the world

    The Vizsla has earned the nickname the "Velcro dog." Owning a Vizsla is a lot like having an extra shadow. He will follow you wherever you want to go, whether it's out of town or into the kitchen. He will almost certainly accompany you to the bathroom. And he will have to be touching you when he is lying down. He will probably try to sleep with his head on your pillow. The Vizsla is remarkably affectionate, and not afraid to show it in public. Be prepared for big kisses along with the Vizsla hug

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    Vizsla puppy.

    hungarian vizsla puppy


    a silver Labrador? Gorgeous! This is the most beautiful dog I've seen in a very long time. At first I thought Weimeraner. They have blue eyes when they are puppies and a silver coat. Possibly a lab-Weimaraner mix.



    Stairs are hard

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