repurposed barbed wire into art at thedustyraven's shop on etsy, featuring The Twisted Art of Dan Towell. This piece is called Spirals Galore Barbed Wire Spirilian Trellis.

Barbed Wire Trellis Bristling With Spiky Spirals.

Barbed Wire Trellis Bristling With Spiky Spirals Made To Order

Barbed Wire Trellis Bristling With Spiky Spirals by thedustyraven

Dishfunctional Designs: Beautiful Upcycled Barbed Wire Creations // ideas - including lighting

Dishfunctional Designs Upcycled barbed wire trellis for your garden by Thedustyraven via Etsy

DIY - How to Make Dragonfly Garden Art

DIY Garden Trinkets & Yard Decorations

DIY Tutorial - Let your imagination take off with this DIY yard art project that turns copper wire and beads into dragonflies and butterflies for your garden. Good gift for Grandma?

Low tech way to hang steel mesh. Making it removable solves a bunch of issues.

How to Build a Fence Mounted Trellis - Cut a 5 x 10 foot piece of rigid wire mesh. Attach four wood blocks to the fence (one for each corner of mesh), screw a hook into each block, and fit the mesh over the hooks.

Trellis made from branches off the winters cut

Garden driftwood trellis - could even make with just regular branches. I want to make this for the back of my shed for my vine flowers :) (Diy Garden Trellis)

barb wire trellis by saxonearth

This is a pretty cool idea for climbing viney plants, like beans and peas. Barbed Wire Trellis - I'm actually considering making a little barbed wire fence around my above ground garden to keep dogs out

Great idea for the jasmine in the entry courtyard. Would be easy to make with wood and picture hanging wire.

The INA WALL TRELLIS JR from Terra Trellis. A colorful modern trellis, perfect for vertical gardens, wall gardens, and small yards. Available in 6 powdercoat colors and a natural oxidized metal finish.

Lovely Spirals 72 X 12 Barbed Wire Spirilian by thedustyraven

Lovely Spirals 70" X 12" Barbed Wire Spirilian Trellis Made to Order

Spiky Spirals Galore Cover This 71 inch Barbed Wire Spirilian Trellis. via Etsy.