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07/14/2012 - BASQUIAT IS COMING / Photo: Lizzie Himmel - The artist in his studio in New York, 1985 / Soon in Art Democracy / Jean Michel Basquiat defined a new genre of art and expression.Warhol admired Basquiat for his ability to paint the grime and grit of New York city street culture. Basquiat admired Warhol for his ability to make him famous. Basquiat became a member of Warhol’s entourage in the early 80’s

John Chamberlain. Courtesy: Gagosian Gallery (2012)

08/27/2012 - CRISTINA GHETTI coming soon in Facebook´s Art Democracy / Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she lives and works in Valencia, Spain. Ghetti is a visual artist and designer, developing her work in the field of painting, animation and multimedia. She has a five-year degree in Fine Arts from the Polythechnique University of Valencia. Interested in the geometry as ” pleasure of seeing “, she will be at Buenos Aires next October, for a solo exhibition at GC Arte Contemporaneo gallery.

06/09/2012 - ALEXANDER CALDER and Contemporary Art: Form, Balance and Joy - MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART / CHICAGO - Ends June 17 - The exhibition pairs 32 master works by Calder with works by seven young artists: Martin Boyce, Nathan Carter, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Aaron Curry, Kristi Lippire, Jason Meadows and Jason Middlebrook. Image: Chat-Mobile (Cat Mobile), Calder 1966. Click this image twice and see Calder artworks presented by Nasher Museum at Duke University.

Centre Pompidoufrom Centre Pompidou

Art Spiegelman, co-mix

05/10/2012 ART SPIEGELMAN at CENTRE POMPIDOU / Art Spiegelman is an unusual, radical artist in evolutionary, multi-faceted graphics, who reveals in his images a great mastery of composition and, in the variety of his projects, a sense of staging and story-telling which derives largely from cartoon media. The exhibition presents his major work "Maus", his underground period of the1970s (Arcade and Breakdowns) and his most recent work, as well as his work as editor. Ends May 21 2012

10 /16 /12 - CRISTINA GHETTI - BACK IN B.A. exhibition / GC Arte - Esmeralda 979 - Buenos Aires - OPENING: Thursday 18th, October 2012 - Cristina Ghetti´s Mareas series Cristina Ghetti’s paintings are those of that strange genre that, fortunately, come out from every essay of rational or esthetic analysis or explanation, we must just contemplate this work and let it capture us with the magic and emotion of it’s intense presence - JM Yturralde .Valencia 2009