An idea each day in December to put Christ in your Christmas-way cool!

Christ trees made with Paint sticks. Free download

Start a simple yet meaningful tradition this year that puts Christ at the center of your Christmas celebrations. 25 days of service on ...a great way to remember the true meaning of #Christmas - Best Advent Calendar EVER!

25 days of christ's life leading up to christmas

How do you make sure your family is celebrating Christ at Christmas? What Christ-centered activities do your kids love?

Candy Scripture Love It Linda Bauwin CARD-iologist Helping you create cards from the heart

Christmas Ornament Set - 25 Names of Christ - Advent

24 Christmas Books to Read with Your Family--including many by LDS authors (Thomas S. Monson, Richard Paul Evans, Joseph Brickey, and #holiday #christmas #holiday event #Thanksgiving|

Christmas scripture advent. Place a sticker on the ornament after you read the scripture that day. Helps kids focus on Christ at this wonderful time of year! (GAK- Gospel Art Kit. The new spiral one)

Good Tidings of Great Joy Christmas Sign by barnowlprimitives

12 days of Christmas- LDS style


12 Days of Christmas. Christ centered scripture and activity for each day. We are definitely doing this!

Great tradition to keep the CHRIST in Christmas....use some of these ideas

Many gift ideas!

Christmas Party Ideas

25 Christmas Traditions at …These are 25 simple and memorable ways to celebrate Christmas! #christmas #traditions

24 Acts of Service to do with kids the 24 days before Christmas (or anytime really)


from santa oversized tags

The 25 Days of Christ