An idea each day in December to put Christ in your Christmas-way cool!


25 days of scripture to help you remember the true meaning of Christmas!- something to do with the kids!

Christmas window decorations! Soo going to do this! :)

So cute!

25 Days of Disney Christmas Crafts and Recipes....omg. is it december yet?

Entire Blog Posts about Christmas traditions

Printable Christmas Song Trivia

The Christmas Nail Poem to remember the true meaning of Christmas

Gift idea!

This seems like a fun new Christmas tradition!! May need to swap few ideas for ones I like better! Christmas Countdown Ideas

Hot chocolate gift jar

Christmas Ornament Time Capsule from The Farmer's Nest! Decorate your tree with all of your favorite family memories year after year!

Do you love you sisters? Sisters share an unspoken bond throughout life. #inspiredsilver now has matching sister bracelets for everyone in the family. Big Sis, Middle Sis, Little Sis, Baby sis and dont forget mom.

Christmas Mom Challenge

Is it a bit sad that its May and I'm thinking of christmas already?

Glue 2 of these, back to back and insert a silver metallic cord for hanging. Fill the insides of the tree with these after putting on the lights, but before putting on the ornaments. The sparkle will be tripled.

Christmas scripture. Neat idea to keep Christ in Christmas

Christ trees made with Paint sticks. Free download

Crafts that put CHRIST in Christmas

Christmas M@M's