Oh, Snape... always.

♥ I could not stop laughing at this! It combines two of my favorite things. Cats and Harry Potter. LOVE IT!!

Harry Potter's iPhone


Harry Potter

LOL! #Harry Potter

Harry Potter: Riddikulus!

Awesome! Harry Potter Humor Muggles u wouldn't get it well unless ur muggle born then Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Voldemort did send a basilik out in hog warts to kill u but some only got petrified reminds me I should watch and read chamber if secrets again


Harry Potter

Harry Potter Humor

Harry Potter....Hehe

Harry Potter Funnies

Harry Potter

EXPECTO PATRONUM // my humor board is inadvertently becoming an HP humor board

The men of Harry Potter

mind blown!

I couldn't not pin this. Sorry guys. It's too good.

"F*** that, I'm Harry Potter." - The Only Person in the World Who Can Say #funny farts #funny halo videos #cute photos #funny cats 1

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