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Are these the world's weirdest houses?

'That Roundhouse', Brithdir Mawr, Pembrokeshire, Wales Homes don't get much greener than 'That Roundhouse' built by Tony Wrench. Made of wood, a straw insulated turf roof and recycled materials, it relies on solar power and a wind turbine for electricity, and has a compost loo.


Extraordinary Off-Grid Hobbit Home in Wales Only Cost £3,000 to Build

cob house

Pembrokeshire, Wales is home to a family with a house straight out of The Hobbit. This amazing architectural wonder is created virtually completely from the natural materials found around the residence. The walls are made out of stone and mud and water enters the house by gravity from a nearby spring. Non-natural materials, such as windows and plumbing, were recovered from trash.

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Eco Homes from the Earth: 7 Ways to DIY

Among the most famous examples of a ‘hobbit house’ is “A Low Impact Woodland Home”, self-built in Wales for about 1000-1500 man-hours (over four months) and £3000. Creator Simon Dale used stone and wood from the property, straw bales covered in plaster for the walls, and lots of reclaimed and salvaged materials like hardwood flooring, doors and windows. The reciprocal roof, covered in plastic sheeting and mud/turf, is surprisingly easy to build and looks incredible.

Forest House, Efteling, The Netherlands (i have a thing for tree houses... or cute forest dwellings.)


How to Build an Earthbag Dome

How to build an earthbag Hobbit hole/root cellar... I absolutely need a hobbit house in my back yard ASAP