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  • Randy Strong

    Great Pet.

  • Cathy Clark

    Insect pests Copper strips produce a shock to snails and slugs trying to cross them. Wrap inexpensive, thin copper, found in craft stores, around pots/plants. Pine needles, coffee grounds, crushed eggshells provide a scratchy barrier and should be reapplied after a rain. • Set out fresh grapefruit and melon rinds each evening in a moist, shady area plagued by slugs. • Lay empty flowerpots or milk cartons on their sides in a shady area. • Water a small portion of your yard in the evening,...

  • Maryjane Havens

    Nicolas Cage Face Swaps Nic Cage Dollar Bill Lil Wayne Hobbit

  • Alli Osborne

    oh my god dying....dying

  • Erin Burks

    WTF is this animal?

  • Elaina Black

    Alpacapillar|| why is this so funny!

  • Ufuk Demirbaş

    / funny stuff! - Juxtapost

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