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    "Did you know that you can make a cardboard box into an oven that works just as well as your oven at home? You can! And with this type of oven, you never have to worry about what to eat when the electricity goes out."

    How to make a box oven...just like the Girl scouts!

    solar oven

    Build Your Own Tandoor Oven (homemade naan!) from Food 52

    One of the best pins I've seen... This is something I'm going to make: 8 sheets of 2 in 4 x 8 ft foil back insulation and a couple rolls of foil duct tape, a few eye hooks, and some paracord. ( all I need are 6 more sheets and I'm good to go ). Sturdy, wind and rain proof shelter. So so so simple.

    Long term food storage, on the cheap!

    Emergency heater. IT WORKS!

    Here's 3 methods of alternative refrigeration you can use without electricity - SurvivalistDaily....

    Why adding Alum to your stockpile is important. I've used powdered alum for years as a blood stop. It's in my emergency kit as well as my home medicine cabinet.

    GoSun Grill Solar Oven - GoSun Stove - Fuel-Free, Portable Solar Oven

    How To Quickly Build A Survival Oven Using Dirt, Water And Sticks ..j

    Very few places on Earth don’t have trash. If you’re in a survival situation and have water available, being able to make fish hooks can mean the difference between eating bugs and eating yumminess.

    Solar cooker/water sterilizer, new developments

    Turn lemons into lemonade or electricity. Your choice. | 20 Easy Post-Apocalypse Life Hacks Any Survivor Can Do

    How to Restore and Season a Cast-Iron Dutch Oven | Field & Stream

    Fun party idea! A terracotta pot lined with aluminum foil, perched on a trivet and filled with hot coals from the grill makes a tabletop station for roasting marshmallows.

    Dutch Oven Cooking Sets

    How to clean your stove's exhaust fan filter. Truly disgusting to see all the grease come off it!!! But works wonderfully well!!!

    Wonder Box - Cooks like a crock-pot without electricity. DIY instructions on how to make one.

    Tips for Living Without Electricity

    Such a smart idea for filling up something that doesn't fit in the sink. Oh my gosh :) why did I not think of this?