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"Victorian Fashion: 1860’s fashion" -- I like the design, although wish it were in a deep hue of another colour... with extra touches in black. (:


New Victoria and Albert art exhibit opened by Prince Charles, March 12

Ball gown, worn by the young queen Victoria to the Stewart Ball in 1851.

American Duchess:Historical Costuming: June 2011 | Historical Costuming and sewing of Rococo 18th century clothing, 16th century through 20th century, by designer Lauren Reeser

L'eventail: wearing historical costumesfrom L'eventail: wearing historical costumes

1865 Ballgown

civil war ball gown bodice | 1865 Ballgown « L’eventail: wearing historical costumes

Ballgown ca. 1860 This is what I'm going to dress my blue ball-gown like! I already have the top pretty much done since it's trimmed in blue lace and bows. :)

Ball gown, early 1860's from a past ebay auction (Time Travelers Antiques) listed circa 1864, but I think that’s latest possible date. Ball gown styles don’t change too much until 1865-6 with the new straight waists, tiny sleeves, and elliptical skirts. This bodice with the deep pointed waist and very wide berth could easily be from 1860. The combination of pink windowpane sheer silk with the band of printed silk is amazing. The berth is trimmed with expensive bobbin lace. Info from Hither…