Artist Designed Leather style flip cases! Available for the Samsung Galaxy s3, iPhone 4/4s and soon the iPhone 5!

Artist Designed Flip Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Iphone 5 coming soon!

iPhone 4s / iphone 5 case / Samsung s3 case / cover / shell by CreateandCase, £19.99

For Iphone 4/4s & Samsung Galaxy s3

Samsung Galaxy s3 case Artist Designed flip case "Let's Run Away III" (Leather Collection)

My Own Eyes - Artist Designed Samsung Galaxy s3 case

"Scandinavian Invaders" - Flip case for the iPhone 5

Artist Designed iPhone 5 flip case / cover by CreateandCase, £19.99

Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 flip case Artist Designed by CreateandCase, £23.99

Artist Designed Hardcase for the iPhone 4/4s (other devices available)

Iphone 4 / 4s case, Samsung s2 case - "Strange Smoke" Robert Farkas. £19.99, via Etsy.

"Creative Procrastination" - Artist Designed Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

Samsung Galaxy s3 case - "Artist Designed" hardcase

Argyle Dream - Samsung Galaxy s3 case

Samsung Galaxy s3 case "Party Deer" - from

New Cases for Samsung Galaxy S3

"Ocean Chevron" - Samsung Galaxy s3 case

Artist Designed iPhone 5 case / cover / shell by CreateandCase, £19.99

samsung galaxy s3 case - samsung galaxy s3 cover - samsung i9300 case white flowers - Bling crystal Samsung Galaxy S III Case i9300 cover. $21.98, via Etsy.

Artist Designed iPhone 5 tough case / cover / by CreateandCase, £19.99

Funky Colorful Owl Samsung Galaxy S3 Vibe Case Samsung Galaxy Siii Cases