Dr. Pepper Cooler Retro 1940s Cool Green

Sweet Vintage Girl and Kittens "For You On Christmas"

love this old store cooler

Dr. Pepper Cooler Retro 1940s Cool Green

Monark Super Deluxe  Bicycle (circa 1940′s)

upscale downhome pepsi pepsi machine vintage pepsi cooler

I remember seeing one of these in my grandmothers' home.. 1940's match holder.

1940s wife decorating for Christmas.

Retro fridge

Cooler sunglasses - vintage ad for chesterfield 1940

vintage tins ****

1940s Large Letter Greetings from South Carolina State Vintage Postcard

Vintage Antique Style Green Depression Glass and Metal Salt Pepper Shaker Set

grey plus non-chartreuse green - but doesn't look modern enough (to make my faucets work)

Dr. Pepper

1940s house dress - my mom wore these well into the 50s. Most housewives wore house dresses, not slacks or pants.



Talk of the town Melamine dishes. I love these..I have a set in the camper!

vintage Dr.Pepper machine | 1940s Dr. Pepper Picnic Cooler