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    Good Crosby!

    3y Saved to Haha Laugh
    • Kaylee Ariadne

      My life goal is to buy out a concert, and then the artist's entire focus will be on me. Preferably, this would happen with Taylor Swift or One Direction...

    • Mon L

      My life goal is to buy out an entire concert and then the artist will come on stage so dramatically and it will just be me sitting there like.....

    • ~•Brianna•~ <Burke>

      hahaha! Hmmm...wonder when the next Josh Groban, Luke Bryan, or Keith Urban concerts are. LOL

    • Katie Morse

      New life goal - as in add this to the bucket list!

    • Megan Hyer

      Maybe not my life goal, but it'd be pretty funny.

    • Sarah Lesikar

      Bill Cosby Life Goal - Buy out an entire concert

    • Olivia Parnell

      My Life Goal for a one direction concert. :)

    • Joi Cowdery

      I cannot stop laughing. Bill Cosby

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    This is awesome!

    My life's dream

    Why You Should Have A Vulcan Boyfriend <<< I don't even like Star Trek and I thought this was hilarious.

    Think about how long this movie has been around. Then think that's not even as long as Leo hasn't won an Oscar.

    haha yesss!!



    April Fools Day Ideas (I Would Be Soo Pissed If It Were Me But Laugh If It Were Someone Else! Haha)

    Bahaha! I am adding this to my list

    I understand that this can be seen in different ways, but to me it just sounds like the creepiest pickup line ever.

    When In Doubt Mumble from 55 Hi's.

    perfect has 7 letters so does foooood. coincidence? i think not – Shirtoopia

    hahaha YESSS

    I'm making this in my bucket list because this is awesome

    Hahaha yess

    Probably laughed harder than I should have at this...


    oh. my. god. becky.

    Omg. I would love to do this!!