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This is how I feel every morning before the coffee finishes brewing.

I love my Silkies...This one is adorable. Every proper farm needs a fluffy crazy looking hen!

This chick knows, if your going to keep all your eggs in one basket, Keep them well guarded.


Sweet Peach - Home - Ellen DeHeneres & friends...this fancy chicken has a fancy coop

Silkie Chickens, we have a black (puff) and a white (fluff). These are such friendly chickens! So much fun to have!

when we get chickens again... it will be this "brand"

Silkie chickens. Mmm, eggs for breakfast!

Silkie Chicks-I had some Silkies. They had feathers on their feet and black skin. They were my favorites.

Look at all those fluffy butts!!! Silkie stroll.