It's all about the glitter! Sequins and pearls weaved into your messy twisted bun and on your dress will give your look that glam edge. #hairmeetwardrobe #hair #fashion

When planning your wedding, choosing a hair accessory likely falls last on your to-do list, and thats a shame. Wedding hair accessories often add a much needed twist to a wedding day look, and are also

FUCK YEAH COLORED HAIR ♥ – ♚ Color it up, braid it down, wear your hair like a crown ♚ Just a guy who has a thing for girls with colored hair (other likes: tattoos, colored lips and eye wings ♥)

When it comes to hair, 2015 was arguably the craziest year. From rainbow and glitter roots to galaxy hair, girls (and dudes! Check out the 15 wildest hair trends we've seen in the last 365 days.

StarStyle PH - The Half Bun

The Effortlessly Cool Hairstyle You Need to Try Now

half-up top knot, burgundy lips & statement brows style fashion beauty hair

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16 Tiny Braids to Try Out Soon

The messy half-pulled-back hair with braids! Perfect for those ultra-lazy days: 20 Messy-Chic Hairstyles.

Мария Вейда

Мария Вейда