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This dog died for being a pit bull. Never bit or harmed anything or anybody.

Five Years Post-Rescue - The Vick dogs at Home- So much has happened since our group of ten left their kennels in Virginia in October 2007. This webpage offers a brief update on where they are now and the work they do to remind people that dogs are individuals who deserve to be treated with compassion. Updated October, 2012.

I don't even have a pitbull, or know someone well who does. but I agree. A dog is only mean if the owners raise it to be mean. A Cocker Spaniel could maul a person's face just as much as a Pitbull can. It all has to do with how you treat it and raise it.

Love this rescue and this is a great "Pit Bull" breed history to read. My favorite "pit bull" breed? American Pit Bull Terriers!

from The Huffington Post

WATCH: Police Save Abandoned Pitbull

Rescuing and Saving Philly-"Abandoned on a Los Angeles sidewalk for five hours after being hit by a car, a pitbull named Philly was near death when three LAPD officers found him. Noticing that his tail was still moving -- if only slightly -- the cops rushed the dog to the emergency room of a local animal hospital, hoping to save his life." Bless the 3 wonderful women and officers of the law who saved this sweet soul. ♥