Lots of Egypt activities here - will be studying Egypt in a couple of weeks..

Top 5 Ancient Egypt Movies on Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube! #AncientEgypt #Movies #Netflix #Amazon #YouTube

If you are studying Ancient Egypt, this site has everything you and your students need! If you have gifted students, this would make a great extension project!

Sugar Cube Pyramid for Egypt Unit

This list of over 27 Medieval Activities for Kids is sure to make your learning adventures fun!

Multiplication Pack ~ Designed to systematically help students develop fluency with multiplication facts. ($)

Lots of ideas on how to make various type of timelines

Lego Engineering for kids. Seriously — Engineering for Kids? Imagination Soup Fun Learning and Play Activities for Kids

Ancient Egypt Resources (C1, Wk 2 - History)

Active Math Games and AWESOME Book

"cabinet of curiosities" pic from an interesting blog post about imitating Lewis and Clark's journals in your own area.

measurement unit

printable passport to use in international week

Learning about the pyramids with legos - after watching, build our own and play it out.

lots of pioneer crafts for kids

Ancient Egypt display idea

Write Your Name in Hieroglyphs: To teach students about hieroglyphs from Egypt, use this printable phonetic hieroglyphic alphabet. Simply print and hang in your classroom. It's a very easy bulletin board! Available in color and black and white.

Children will learn about ancient Egypt while making their own decorative collar.

Learn the 7 continents with these fun printables! Lots of suggestions for use included.

all the LEGO printables and ideas from Walking by the Way (in one place!)

Love these 14 Fun Ways for Kids to Learn about our World!