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1929 Photo

Photo Photo

Paris 1929

Kertész Paris

Paris Retro

Black Paris

Old Paris

Vintage Paris

Time After Time

André Kertész - @classiquecom

Photog Reflection

Time Life

It'S Time

Time Tics

Clock People

0Nly Time

Grand Clocks

Clocks Timepieces

Clocks Watches

~ the clock people ~

Norvz Austria


Tick Tock

Google Search

The O'Jays

Over The



End Of


Stairs Photography

Photography Lines

Black White Photography

Photography Ideas

Pets Furry

Pets Pets

Pets Animals

Helix Staircase

Spiral Stairs

the stairs

Hands And Time

Hands They

In Good Hands

Face Hands

Hands Hands

Luciano Casagranda

Life Senza

Hands Life

Titolo Flickr

belle main

Beautiful Time

Beautiful Clocks

Beautiful French

Gorgeous Clock

Beautiful Hands

Gorgeous Romantic

Gorgeous Gray

Clocks Glorious

Photos Beautiful

Look how beautiful the Roman Numerals look against the french blue and the black hands of the clock. I love this!!!!

Tick Tock

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Old Clocks

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White Table

Chabby chic living room ♥ - myshabbychicdecor... - #shabby chic #home decor #design #ideas #wedding #living room #bedroom #bathroom #kithcen #shabby chic furniture

Clock Musee

Clock Paris

3 Musee

Sh Paris

Lille Paris

Paris Vii

Paris Black White

White 12

White Bing


Cascille Northern

Bridge Cascille


Plank Bridge

Bridge Path

Foot Bridge

Life'S Path

Bridge Leading

Bridge Art

Black and White

Shadow Photography Ideas

Shadows Photography

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People Shadow

Shadows 1931

André Kertész

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Photography Gallery

Felicity Rogers

Dandy Clock

Hour Artist

With spiritual work, the terms 'is' and 'are' become progressively replaced by the term 'SEEMS TO', which is due to the increasing realization of the degree to which perception is the mask that hinders truth. -David R. Hawkins -- 4-11-15 (Image: Felicity Rogers)

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Black Kingdom

Rabbits Clocks

Ya viene siendo hora de descartar el prototipo. “Un taller sobre desempeño personal para realizar en línea”, dirigido a todas aquellas personas interesadas en redescubrir “quién se es” y “qué se representa”. Vaya pues »

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Time Clocks

Clock Time Love

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Time Watches

Clocks Watches


Photo S Black White

A Black White Affair

White Photos

Classic Black

Spy Black

Black Magic

Clockwork Noir

Unusal Clocks

Photography Clock

Fotografía en blanco y negro | Black & White photography | (via orloj by ~miguelazevedo on deviantART)

Clock Tower Apartment

Brooklyn S Clocktower

Clocktower Penthouse

Clocktower Building

Clocktower Window

Clocktower Dumbo

Clock Window

Triplex Penthouse

Penthouse Clock

Time. *

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Contemporaryart Artphotography

#Blackandwhite - Time goes by - by erik schottstaedt #onlineartgallery - #contemporaryart - #artphotography - black and white - art photography - online art gallery - contemporary art source :

The Huffington Postfrom The Huffington Post

Aftershocks Rattle Italy

Broken Time

Finale Emilia

Emilia 2011

Emilia Italy



Tic Toc

Ferrara Italy

Lost Time

The clock tower of Finale Emilia (near Ferrara), after the earthquake in the Italian Emilia-Romagna region.

Time Time

Long Time

Black Photography

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Time Photography Clock

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Time Works

Steampunk City

Time traveler...

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Kertész Washington

City Snowfall

York 1959

Ny 1959


André Kertész

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.Photography logos by Sandy Rowley