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Height Spill Fill Container Gardening The Simple Formula for a Beautiful Container Garden

Part Shade Pot.

♥ perfect shade planter...coleus, impatiens and ivy.

So pretty

Just the right mixture of sun-loving coleus plants this summer...perfect for our Indian Summer!

Beautiful succulent container - Nature Containers Vintage Garden Art - Google Search

Shade plants for planters and baskets, finally... beautiful baskets for shade!

Plants to use for front door pot

all types of potted plants- they tell you whats in each pot, you can do it yourself--this is awesome!

Container plantings - Diapers for the Garden!!!! How to keep your containers from drying out and other great gardening hacks.

Great blend of thriller, filler, spiller, using cannas as the tallest.

Container Plants

Ideas for Container Gardening

I love how lobelia delicately dance in the breeze. A great contrast to brilliant begonias.

beautiful container planting ideas

back garden ideas...ferns and hostas...the easiest plants in the world!