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  • Jodi Ivan Hyde

    Michael Vick Chew toy. LOVE IT. Too bad it's not the real person...that would be justice!! I do recognize all his work NOW he is doing to stop dog fighting

  • Tiffany Sprinkle

    Michael Vick Chew toy. LOVE IT Poetic Justice!

  • Britni Nicole Carter

    Michael Vick Chew Toy... Lol. I want one, This is awesome!!! BADASS! Michael Vick did nothing to help the reputation of pit bulls. Instead he ruined many lives of puppies and dogs.

  • Marsha Montgomery

    Michael Vick CHEW TOY. LOVE IT!!!!!!! … (Michael Vick - animal abuser / football player who tortured and mutilated dogs)

  • Molly Billings

    Michael Vick Chew Toy! Pitbulls seeking justice :) @Michelle King

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A well said quote. Make sure your hands are clean before you start pointing fingers!

How can anybody say that this puppy is mean?!?! He is not just a breed, he is the love and caring that his family goves him.

Punish The Deed, NOT The Breed. Please help fight Breed Specific Legislation that is trying to put a ban or restriction on our best friends. Please visit understand-a-bull... to see what you can do to help our efforts. PLEASE BE A RESPONSIBLE OWNER!

Pitbulls!!!! The most misunderstood dog in the world. They just want to be loved, not hated. Hate the owner not the breed

Pitbull Love -- design on Wide neck fleece sweatshirt. Sizes S-XL.. $40.00, via Etsy.

Pitbull stereotypes- Not all pitbulls are vicious. It's the way they are trained or treated. Abuse may sometimes be a factor into why pitbulls are subject to prejudice.

Damn straight. I will tear your heart out if you even look at my pits in a negative way. Proud pitbull momma!

  • Alex Diaz

    So true i always say this lol

  • Allison Phillips

    Could not agree more. I love my pit bulls. They are the best things in my life. :)

  • Akisha Mackritis

    +1...didn't understand how misunderstood they were until my fam adopted a pit boxer mix and seeing some people's reaction. My Rocky is so sweet and good with the children.

  • pintrest user

    Heck yeah!! I had pits all my life and not one of them ever showed aggression. They don't want to fight they just want to be loved.

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happy birthday images with pitbulls | pit bull graphics and comments

Amen to that! People should actually do some research before spouting off ignorant comments about what they think they know.

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