Runaway Bride

Released July 30, 2010 • PG
3.3 /5 by Netflix users


Garry Marshall


Julia Roberts , Richard Gere , Joan Cusack , Hector Elizondo , Rita Wilson

  • Yael Brender

    Hit - It's the kind of romantic comedy that hits all the cliches in the book, but in an era where cliches still could still translate into cute. It's the dim younger brother of "Pretty Woman", managing to be charming but still inferior in every way. Julia Roberts' smile and wedding dress makes it worthwhile, but it does run on a bit too long.

  • Chrissie C.

    Runaway Bride was a wonderful reunion film for Richard Gere & Julia Roberts!

  • Mommy Bear Media

    Read our review of Runaway Bride - I just watched this last night. It's my current favorite movie of all time. The chemistry between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere is amazing. #moviereview #juliaroberts #runawaybride

  • Karen Grieve Tomblin

    "RUNAWAY BRIDE" (1999) Starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts is not as wonderful as Pretty Woman, but still very entertaining.

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