Lemon Dill "Dump" Chicken (Freezer Friendly): "It's called 'dump' because you dump everything into a bag -- super easy!" -jswinks

Lemon Dill Chicken

Lemon, dill grilled chicken

Easy and delicious dump chicken recipes that you can make ahead (super easy freezer meals). Dump cooking just means that you Dump your mix into a gallon freezer bag with your chicken & freeze it. Then when you want it you Dump it into a pan and cook it!

Honey Dump Chicken

Just-Like-Thanksgiving Chicken Dump Freezer Meal

Caribbean Dump Chicken

Sweet Salsa Dump Chicken for a Freezer Meal, then crockpot!

dump it freezer meals

Lemon & Dill Chicken

Lemon Garlic Dump Chicken | 24 Dump Dinners You Can Make In A Crock Pot

Oamc here I come!

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Chicken Dump Freezer meals....called this because you dump everything needed for the recipe into a freezer bag, freeze it, and when ready to prepare dump into the crockpot to cook.

Jammin Jerk Chicken Freezer Dinner Kit from Food.com: Great on the grill, yummy in the oven! Heat and sweet! Oh and this is a DUMP recipe! Even better! Thank you Cuisine at Home for this recipe. I broke it down to make it a dump recipe.

Featured Recipe: Dump Pepper Lime Chicken

Dump Swiss Steak (Oamc). Photo by *Parsley*

Easy Lemon Dill Chicken Pasta with Goat Cheese

easy baked garlic chicken

Quick and easy Lemon Dill Chicken Pasta with Goat Cheese