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Buy flowers for someone for no reason at all. (Though, now that it is on my bucket list... doing it to check it off would be a reason...dilemma...)

before I die, I'd like to ... pay a stranger's tab a restaurant (I'd of course observe said stranger before doing so - I'm not going to cover some asshole's bill). • #bucketlist #beforeIdie


Before I die…

Bucket list #1

Inspiring image before i die, bucketlist, italy #536210 - Resolution 500x320px - Find the image to your taste

My Bucket List, and TICKED OFF ;-) I do it all the times, and it is very freeing!

I have been wanting to do this for a while now. I will be one though some day like for my best friend's wedding <3

Because I love my Mom. I'd bring my Dad too. Bucket List Tumblr | Image Search Results for bucket list tumblr