• Sara Kalbhenn

    ADHD Focus mind map - how to stay focused in the age of distraction. WOW - this mind map is incredible!!! Every branch on the map has an amazing tip you can implement right away. Hat tip to www.SuperHeroYou.com for the awesome find! And kudos www.LearningFundamentals.com.au!

  • Alison Harding

    How to focus in an age of distraction: Time Management

  • Joey Ng

    "How to focus in the age of distraction" #digital #socialmedia #Twitter #Facebook

  • Fontbonne University

    College students have more distractions than most. Use this infographic to discover new ways to stay focused.

  • Kings Tutors

    Student Study Techniques - Get Rid of Those Distractions!

  • Open Social Mind

    Too much social media may be very distracting. Have a look to this mind-map that will help you to stay focused on your daily duties!

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