1 Peter 3:4

Make Room for Jesus!

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God is love.

2 Timothy 1:7


1 Peter 3:3-4. Every girl should read this. :). Every girl should have this framed in their bedroom & bathrooms

1 Peter 4:8

psalm 51:9-12

"I know that was you, God! Thanks!"

1 Peter 4:8

A beautiful prayer

Bad company ruins good morals. Be careful of who let in your life if you're not strong enough to say no to the temptations they bring with them

Never let a man tell you you're not worth pursuing. For God became man, died and rose again just to pursue you. You are worth pursuing. You are beautiful. You are loved.

Isaiah 46:4

//1 Peter 5:7//

Psalm 51:10

beautifully said.

1 Peter 3:3-4

Love this <3 (and the song too)

Proverbs 3:3