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USS Bonhomme Richard Joel was on this ship from San Diego to Japan. Left it there and brought back the USS ESSEX

Dreyse Revolver - While his father’s zundnadelgewehr (needle-gun) was only a single-shot – Franz von Dreyse went for repeating capability with his revolver design. Made in .32, .35 and our example’s .39 caliber in the late 1860s; perhaps this wasn’t the best time to offer a handgun that required a long needle firing pin to detonate the primer deep inside the cartridge? NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, VA.:

Flame-worked glass replicas of firearms by Robert Mckelson | Mickelson’s eye for detail is so amazingly insane that he even incorporates the very ammunition loaded into the magazines themselves. Mickelson originally hails from Belvoir, Virginia, USA and was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. |