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"Oh wow, just got a chance to overlay all the meshus people have made on , and it looks gorgeous"

Each piece tells a story. Turn your travels into beautiful jewelry with meshu.

Meshu - Custom made jewelry that represents journeys you've taken, places you've traveled, or places you dream to go. Each point of the necklace lines up with a map of the globe.

Map out where you've lived, traveled, and wear it! I must do this! This is incredible.

We're starting to share some of the amazing stories people have been telling through Here's a note from a husband’s gift to his wife.

"Meshu turns your places into beautiful objects" - meshu is a site where you can input locations, and it turns it into a custom piece of jewelry for you. Check it out! [MODELED BY PINTEREST'S OWN @eeeeenid!]

How cool is this! I just made my own geometric jewellery with Meshu. This is a map of my recent trip to Cambridge, MA; generated from my Foursquare data. To create your own go to

Rebecca found Meshu and made herself her "honeymoon as a necklace" / make your own at

Generative Design Jewelry - creates a unique pattern based on the cities you like, and generates a customized jewellery piece, that is then digitally fabricated in your choice of material. Meshu - Turn your places into beautiful objects.