So what, I know I'm shape like a banana.

Grape and banana dolphin parfait

Cute frozen banana and chocolate penguin snack. Such a cute idea!

Banana dolphins

Puppy Bento

I want to make this for my moms birthday!

Perfect for the preschool spring party!

Fruit and Veggie Dog

Watermelon Clifford the Big Red Dog!


@Kris Hiser ... seriously. I want these for my birthday. for real. I will cry otherwise. I NEED puppy cupcakes.

Strawberry, banana flowers

Banana Duck

banana dog

banana dolphin

Banana Automobile

beautiful mix fruit

Dog Hot Dogs

Jello roll-ups. So easy and soo good. We love them with watermelon jello or the black cherry. Great to take to sports activities,picnics, even camping. Young and old will love them!! mostly young :)

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Orange JELLO slices: just cut your oranges in half, scoop out the fruit, mix up the jello, and pour it into the hollowed halves to set. Once set, slice them up.