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I really hate that he signed the NDAA, but in the face of the GOP's attitude toward women, what are we going to do?

Women are not an interest group. They are mothers and daughters and sisters and wives. They are half of this country and they are perfectly capable of making their own choices about health. -President Barack Obama---TRUE-so let them do it!

Feminist Elizabethan: Feminist Meme Friday: Girls Can't Be Astronauts

Hillary is an inspiration to all girls that they can do whatever they want to do and be whoever they want to be. I can't wait until she is the first woman President of the United States. Hopefully, most Presidents after her will also be women.

Slavery has a Face #enditmovement

Human Trafficking STORY of these victims allows readers to know its real and in both the U. and international places. It brings real situations to life so that readers can better identify with this crime and help.

15 Of The Most Empowering Things Emma Watson Has Ever Said...

15 Of The Most Empowering Things Emma Watson Has Ever Said. A good role model for young women - this and the one about being a warrior princess are my fav

Justice is it or is not ?

The Florida State Attorney now wants to put Marissa Alexander in jail for 60 YEARS. Something is very wrong with the justice system in Florida.

And I am indeed, slightly strange. Well, maybe more than slightly. A lot. A lot strange.

God's Political Party:   Our infidel Founding-Father Thomas Jefferson was recently banned from the curriculum by the Christian Talibans in the “buckle of the Bible-belt”, Texas, . Do you agree with the party of God?     http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/our-infidel-founding-father-thomas-jefferson-was-recently-banned-by-the-christian-talibans-in-the-b/question-1592593/?page=

Rep Ryan bill allows rapist to sue victim to prevent abortion

Confederate flag made by a racist for racist that wanted to fight for the right to own other human beings because they are the "superior" race. And still used today by those who wished the South won.

Hypocrisy is when you defend your right to fly the confederate flag, but think witting down during the anthem is an unforgivable demonstration of un-patriotism & disunity