Fun science carnival activities from MSI. Learn about pressure with this water blaster and target.

FREE printable giant shape board game with an action for each space you land on! Great idea!!

Try MSI's summer science carnival activities and have fun while learning. Design and race boats for a lesson in pressure.

These free printable roads make playing with cars even more fun!

Need a fun and engaging activity for your students to do while you are away--- for sub tub

carnival games

Turn your backyard into a summer science carnival with fun, hands-on experiments from MSI, like these super bouncy bubbles.

Cardboard maze.

Fun things to do this summer with the kids.

See what it's like for astronauts to work in space with this fun, easy experiment from MSI.

So fun! Duck Race Toddler Fine Motor Activity and Water Play.

Explore space from your backyard this summer with fun, hands-on experiments from MSI. Try building a landing craft for an "egg-stronaut"!

Try this twist on a classic carnival game. Experiment with variables as you launch a marble down a ski jump to land in a DIY skeeball target. It's part of MSI's summer science carnival!

Erupting art for kids - combining art and science in one fun and colorful activity!

Test your strength against gravity with this solar system high striker game. It's one of MSI's summer science carnival activities.

put fun activities in balloons. pop one each morning to see how you'll countdown to summer that day.

Here's a fun way for kids to learn about music from different cultures. The thumb piano is a popular instrument throughout Africa. Experiment with the sound made by having the pins at different distances apart. Paint it your favorite colors and get playing! Check out all of Zylie's fun crafts and activities at

36 Beautiful and Engaging Rainbow Activities for all ages: Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers and even Older Kids! From Fun at Home with Kids

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